6092017: Kids Sewing Camp


Kid’s Sewing Camp


Pin Cushion w/buttons / Pillowcase / Drawstring Bag / Pajama Pants


one pattern and fabric / supplies

(4 classes)



  • If student is under 12 years old an adult must accompany student to each class.
  • 8 max to class then a second teacher will accompany.  10 max to each class.  Must sign up for entire 4 class session.
  • Be sure student at least sits at the machine and threads it and sews on a scrap piece of fabric before class, show them how to thread the machine.  This is to make them comfortable sitting at the machine.
  • Class will end at 1:00 but student may stay and sew if we don’t have classroom booked.
  • We have 3 sewing machines to rent $15 per day.  If you are in the market to purchase a machine, talk with us we can give you a good deal on a new machine.
  • I’ll supply a drink and a snack each class


First class you will learn some basic hand sewing and machine sewing, how to sew on a button.  I will go over scissor & rotary cutting how to and safety, but students will not use rotary cutter in class. If they are older they will use a cutting glove w/adult supervision.  They will complete their Pin Cushion in this class.  Machine threading, bobbin winding, change a needle, clean the machine, and tension.


Fabric needed:

¼ yard or fat quarter of main body

12” x 6” first ball on top - different fabric

8” x 4” second ball on top - different fabric

 2 buttons: Approx. 1” button & ½” button

1 skein embroidery floss DMC - matching

Matching thread for sewing

No pattern, I will give to you in class – I’ll supply the 3” x 3” felt    

Second class you will learn seam allowance and construction of a pillow case.  Cutting with the rotary cutter and ironing.  Same cutting rules will apply here.  They will finish the pillow case in class.


Fabric needed:

Purchase a pillow case kit from the shop  or

2/3 yard main fabric

10” cuff

3” zinger piece

Bring a neutral thread.


No pattern to purchase, I will give to you in class



Third class is a drawstring bag, you will learn how to make a casing, thread through a drawstring and construction of the bag.  Girls will make drawstring out of fabric – Boys can use a cording if they wish, more guy like. 


Fabric needed:

¾ yard main fabric

3/8 yard coordinating fabric

Bring a matching thread


No pattern, I will give to you in class





Fourth class you will learn some more basic sewing skills and pattern reading, tracing pattern on tissue paper, making pajama pants and sizing. They should be able to finish in class, maybe the hem to do at home.  A lot of work will be done this day and they will love these pants! 


Fabric needed:

See size on pattern for fabric requirements – if you need a smaller size, still buy this book and I have smaller sizes for you to use in class.

If purchasing flannel – must prewash! 

Will need matching thread.

Bring matching thread


Must purchase pattern here.  I’ll supply the elastic.



Supply List:


Sewing machine  Please make sure your machine is in good working condition and bring your accessory box and user manual.  If you have a ¼” quilter’s foot for your machine bring it and your regular pressure foot.  Make sure you have a new needle in your machine. 


Ivory, light beige or light grey all purpose cotton thread. One spool each is plenty and go ahead and wind three bottoms of your all purpose thread – this will be used for neutral sewing. 

Bring the matching thread for the top-stitching.  You will wind one bobbin for each of these colors also.


Small scissors, for trimming threads at machine

Fabric scissors for cutting out pin cushion and pajama pants.

Seam ripper

Hem gauge

Pin cushion with flat flower head pins


See fabric requirements needed at each class description.    


I look forward to our class and if you have any questions or need help please call me! We have all your supplies at the shop, so if you don't have them we will have all at one stop and 15% discount on all class supplies.




Cost: $ 130.00
plus one pattern purchase
Skill Level:beginner - if under 12 need adult to accompan
Instructor:Cyn Wilde