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Pick any of the 4 Teeny Tiny Collage patterns (3 collages on each pattern)

Cost: $ 55.00
1-901 Diamond Rects

Cost: $ 25.00
Great for any class or retreat

Cost: $ 70.00
Building Phase 2 Sew Day

Cost: $ 25.00
1-1001 Large Square Squared

Cost: $ 25.00
Are you hooked on the Rabid Fire Lemoyne Star tool?? You can make fancy Lemoyne Stars by learning how to create three more variations.? Now that you have mastered the basic construction of the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star you will be liberated with three more options: Strip Pieced Lemoyne, Liberty Lemoyne, and Banded Lemoyne.

Cost: $ 25.00
Building Phase 3 Sew Day

Cost: $ 25.00
Ever wonder how to use the wider end of you Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star tool?? The secret is revealed in this course.? Impress your toughest critic with what looks like very demanding piecing, but trick them with the simplicity of Fussy Cut Lemoynes, Lemoynes as Triangles, and Blazing Lemoynes.

Cost: $ 25.00
Sashings & Borders

Cost: $ 25.00
Tucker University final class Freshman year

Cost: $ 25.00
Finishing & Quilting / Binding

Cost: $ 25.00
let's celebrate!

Cost: $ FREE