3282015: A BeColourful Pattern - Light into Darkness

Level 3 difficulty

Pattern has Foundation Papers

Another spectacular design...
Like we always say: a picture never justifies the real thing, it is truly applicable on this quilt.
You can clearly see how the colors flow into each other and you absolutely see the lighter and
darker spots on the quilt.  What you don't see ont he picture are the numerous Hot Fix Swarovski
crystals all over the quilt in the colors of the fabric.
Hang this quilt on your wall, with proper lighting, and every time the quilt will move by a gust of
wind or you walking by and you see the sparkling colors all over the quilt, it can only make you happy and proud on yourself as you were the one who made this stunning piece of art!
Cost: $ 145.00
includes lunch - kits available upon request
Skill Level:advanced
Skill Details:Advanced
Materials Included:add a quarter ruler & mylar fold over template (or post card)
Instructor Name:Megan Hashier
Instructor Bio:Megan Hashier
(BeColourful approved teacher)