1172021: Tucker University & Charm School Freshman Year 1-801 Split Rects

As a Fantastic Bonus for each class you take with us you will earn a Beautiful Siesta Sterling Silver Charm.  If you attend all 12 you will receive a Graduation Charm also!  Come in the shop to see these, they are so nice.

Give me a A, give me a B, and L and an R . . . what does that spell?
Nothing!  So then leave those letters at home along with the plactic templates that you would have to trace and learn how to make crisp, clean half rectangles or what Deb Tucker calls s Split Rects.  By using the Split Rects tool, you do not have to worry about shaving your plastic templates any more.  There are 8 different size options with just one tool.  Your stars will twimkle with these strong points.

* Required tools: Split Rects and Quilter's Magic Wand
*Required Technique Sheet:  none
*Required Design Sheet:  Split Rects
NOTE:  the design sheet and the technique sheet will be available for purchase on class days

* These items can be purchased at Quilter's Cottage

Basic Sewing Supplies:
Sewing Machine in good working condition, bring power cords and manual
Thread neutral
Machine needles - replace with a new one prior to class
Snips or trimming scissors
Seam ripper
Flower head pins and pincushion

Basic Quilting Supplies:
Rotary cutter with a sharp blade
Marking Pencil - I recommend the Sewline mechanical pencil or the micron pigma marker  size .01
Small cutting mat
Straight edge ruler approx. 6" x 12" - I really recommend the 8 1/2" x 24 as you will be cutting WOF 
Best Press or light starch

Fabric Requirements:
Fabrics will be cut during class.  Therefore, the fabric requirements are healthy amounts so that you can make your own design choices during class.

For course 1-801, we recommend the following yardage:

(2) 5" WOF strips of one fabric
(2) 5" WOF strips of contrasting fabric
Cost: $ 25.00
1172021:   Sun, Nov 7, 2021 at Noon to 4:00 pm

Attendee Name:

Skill Level:intermediate
Instructor Name:Cyn Wilde
Instructor Bio:Certified Instructor Studio 180