101721: Tucker University - Sophomore Year School of Design 2-701

The second semester of sophomore year of Tucker University is project based.  The next series of 6 courses will take you through the planning of an original design through the binding of the quilt.

Second semester is intended to be taken as a full 6 course series so that you can work through the entire process.  To help ensure success, students should have a working understanding of Studio 180 Design tools.  Reviews of Studio 180 Design construction processes will be provided throughout the 6 course series.

Every project will turn out differently because of each quilter's unit selection to build block, frameworks and pieced borders as well as their fabric placement.  This is the opportunity to let your creative juices flow and try your hand at some designing skills.

You already have the skills and knowledge to create many different units using your Studio 180 Design tools and techniques.  Now it is time to think outside of the pattern and let your creative juices run wild.

No need to worry thought, your instructor will take you through the entire process of planning; building; sashing and/or bordering; and quilting and binding your original quilt design.  You can create your quilt using a traditional or modern design.

Design your own quilt top.  As the designer, you can create the size quilt you desire.  You will determine your own layout for your own design.  This may sound exciting and overwhelming all at the same time.

This first course will require no cutting or sewing.  You need to have an open mind.  You will be planning your quilt with the help of some simple guidelines.  The guidelines are simply there to help you get started.  You are always welcome to go in your own direction, but your instructor will be there to help keep your project in prospective!

Welcome to the School of Design!  You are about to take on an exciting quilt challenge.  You will become a designer of your own quilt using the skills you have acquired from your Freshman Year and first Session of Sophomore Year.

Students who enroll in School of Design should have completed Freshman Year and first Session of Sophomore Year.  

8 Technique Sheets will be purchased the first class with option of 4 additional Layout Technique Sheets.  

This should be a commitment to complete the entire School of Design which consists of 6 classes.  

2-701 Planning (No sewing machine required.  Bring notebook, pencil)

2-801 Building Phase 1 Sew Day

2-901 Building Phase 2 Sew Day

2-1001 Building Phase 3 Sew Day

2-1101 Sashing & Borders Sew Day

2-1201 Quilting & Binding
Cost: $ 25.00
Skill Level:intermediate
Requirements:Prerequisite: Must have completed Freshman Year and first session of Sophomore Year
Instructor Name:Cyn Wilde
Instructor Bio:Studio 180 Certified Instructor