4052024: Little Poppins Bag

In this class you will learn how to put in zippers, add handles to bag and sew on bottom.  Please look at the class list to see what to bring and what to have ready for class.


  •        Poppins Bag pattern
  •        3/4 yard of focus fabric for the outside of the bag and sashing
  •        3/4 yard of fabric for the lining of the bag, sashing and pockets
  •        7/8 yard of fabric for the handles, bottom, binding, bows and zipper tables
  •        Bosal double sided foam 24” x 58” or 36” X 58” package bosal
  •        CRAF-TEX-PLUS  Precut Small Camden Bag Bottom
  •        2 stays (which can be included in the pattern you purchase), if not provided in pattern purchase separately
  •        Plumbing tubing.  Your quilt store will have this
  •        24” By Annie’s handbag zipper with double sides (opens on both ends)
  •        50 weight Cotton thread to match your fabric
  •        12 weight cotton thread for hand sewing the bottom onto the bag
  •        90/14 needles for machine (bring extra in case you break one)
  •        5” X WOF Temtex for handles
  •        Sewing machine in good working condition
  •        ¼” foot and regular sewing foot; can bring walking foot
  •        25 medium binder clips (I got mine at Staples) black with silver clips
  •        50 large wonder clips
  •        Straight pins.  They need to be heavier pins not the fine ones
  •        24 ½ X 8” ruler or something compatible
  •        Rotary cutter
  •        Seam ripper (just in case)
  •        Upholstery needle to hand sew the bottom onto the bag
  •        Bobbins
  •        Removable marker
  •        Scissors
  •        Hemostat, if you have one, if not your favorite turning tool


PRECLASS REQUIREMENTS:  In order to complete this bag in one session please do the following:

              -Have all fabrics and bosal precut

              - Pre quilt the main section as follows:  Fuse the Bosal to the wrong side of the two outside main pieces and another bosal piece to the two lining pieces.  Then place one outside and one inside together with the bosal on top of each other and the main fabric and the lining on the outside. You will have a “bosal” sandwich.  Iron and make sure you iron with steam so that both fabrics adhere to the Bosal.   Then quilt as desired.  I quilt with approximately ¾” inch between the horizontal lines.

Cost: $ 58.00
includes lunch
Skill Level:intermediate
Instructor Bio:Shelley Mattfeld