10102015: Beginner Machine Quilting

Must have your own machine brought to class and be in good working condition.  Please be familiar with your machine and how to operate, adjust tensions etc.  If you are not sure how to do this, please call your sewing machine dealer to learn how before the class begins!  You will have greater success and more time to practice the techniques if you are comfortable with your machine. 

Bring all your accessories and User Manual.  If taking this class be sure your machine can handle these functions.  If you can not lower your feed dogs or be able to cover them for the free motion.

Will need a Walking Foot and a Darning (Free Motion) Foot designed for your machine.  May need to order through your machine dealer so give that time to be ordered.

You will learn the ins and outs of Machine Quilting on your machine.  Great lecture on batting, thread choices, tension settings, needles.  Lots of samples for viewing and discussions on how to pick your designs.

Supply List:

Cotton thread
Size 1 or Size 2 safety pins (I find the curved pins much easier to use)
Masking tape
Thread snips or scissors
Blue marking pen (or marker of your choice for muslin)
Size 80 needles (sharp microtex) or size 75 quilting needles
Paper and pencil for notes
8 - 14" squares muslin
4 - 14" squares thin Cotton batting
1 1/4 yards 45" muslin
22" x 45" thin Cotton batting
Heirloom Machine Quilting Book - by Harriet Hargrave
quilting gloves such as Machingers

Quilter's Cottage will have these supplies on hand, if you want a supply kit - please let them know so they can prepare one for you prior to class.

We will be using the larger piece of muslin and batting to make a stitch practice sample and to practice the basting process.  The smaller square will be used for various stitching exercises.  Please be sure to get cotton or cotton blend batting - the polyester is much more difficult to handle.

Please feel free to call me at 281-565-9651 if you have any questions - Becky Richards

Cost: $ 55.00
plus purchase of book - includes lunch
Skill Level:beginner
Skill Details:Beginner
Materials Included:fabric and batting kit
Requirements:MUST have walking foot and darning (free motion) foot for your machine BEFORE class
Instructor Name:Becky Richards
Instructor Bio:Becky Richards