Event Details

Strip Club

When: Mar 27, 2015
7:00 pm
Where: Quilter's Cottage
920 FM 359 - Richmond, TX 77406
Contact: (281) 633-9331
Details: Strip Club Fun

Bring $6 in one dollar bills to attend!  (MUST be one dollar bills, it is a strip club for Pete Sake!)
Refreshments and Drawings!

Come see the new patterns designed each month using 2 1/2" strips.

You will receive the patten upon The Quilt Reveal just for coming.

Each month we pick a different fabric theme and cut strips into bundles.  The pattern is then picked especially for the fabrics chosen each month.  Come join the fun and relax and have some snacks and visit with friends.

You will not be obligated to buy the fabric kits, you may put together your own fabric selections!  No pre-pay each month for fabric.  Discount for the month's fabric kit given.

Here are some things you might want to know when buying a Strip Club pattern: The fabric requirements on each pattern will tell you how many strips and how much background or accent fabric you need for the different sizes. If you are using your own fabric, cut your strips selvedge to selvedge (or width of fabric.) Below is a cutting guide if you are buying fabric off the bolt and cutting your own strips.

Yardage   # of strips
1/8 yields 1
1/8 yields 1
1/4 yields 3
1/3 yields 4
3/8 yields 4
1/2 yields 6
5/8 yields 8
2/3 yields 9
3/4 yields 10
7/8 yields 12
1 yard yields 13