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Tattoo Blossoms Pink on

Tattoo Blossoms Pink on

You know how maybe you secretly always wanted to get a tattoo? Or maybe it wasn't so secret but your mom (or husband) wouldn't let you? Well. Have we got a product for you! Not only is there no needle involved, but it goes on just like a temporary tattoo (press and rub) and is permanent unless you chose to remove it! We're talking about our newest product, Tattoo Elementz. These are decorative decals, but wait—they're not the cheesy kind. These are the same type that go on your car (motorcycle, bicycle)—you know, the kind that look as if they've been painted onto the vehicle. There's no outline when you're done because all the swirls, leaves—whatever—are contour-cut.

These rub-on decals are available on either a clear or white background - 8  1/2" x 11" sheets